Friday, December 30, 2011

PLuSH Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings & Happy New Year From PLuSH Empress And Our Team At PLuSH Embassy! Please Remember To Be Safe And Drink Responsibly. Light, Love And Blessings Be Unto You All!!

Red Bottoms


Egyptian Luggage

Packed My PLuSH Egyptian Luggage By Alfred Sung And PLuSH Empress Is On Her Way NYC Bound!

Bon Voyage!

Fur Ball

Doc Martins + Black Tights + Fur Ball Coat = Casual PLuSH Ensemble

Darth Vader

Balenciaga Darth Vader Cap
PE Approved!!!

Tom Ford TUX

PE Approved!

Tom Ford Women§wear

Tom Ford S/S2011 Womenswear
Photographed by Steven Meisel
For Vogue

PE Approved!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

~Simmons Family Seasons Greetings~

Happy Holidays & Seasons Greetings From The Uber PLuSH Simmons Clan


Inside This Edition of PLuSH Celeb Couples:
Mr & Mrs Shannon & Monica Brown

"And The Couple That Dresses Together Shall Weather Any Storm" Jahmilla Small.
PE Approved!!

Violent Lips✂

Newest Fashion Craze...
Violent Lips = Temporary Lip Tattoos $10-$15 per pack

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Amber ¤ALERT¤

Amber's Accessories Are Always Off The Chain! Including Her Sophisticated Head Scarf...It's a WRAP!!
PE Approved!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ultimate PLuSHanista Giveaway ► WINNER!!

Compliments goes to our Ultimate PLuSHanista Giveaway WINNER Vanessa Lovell! Read all about her fashion story below...Vanessa Lovell
Ottawa, ON
Social Media Coordinator/Dance Teacher

First off, I would like to thank Zak Communications in Conjunction with PLuSH Embassy for my awesome prize! I absolutely love Hello Kitty and I love me some Sephora. I definitely
make ample use of the eyeliner (love it!).

In terms of truly figuring out my fashion tastes, I was a late bloomer in the style game so I did
so in post-secondary school. But I would have to say that my favourite
fashion moments happened when I began to discover my personal style. In all
honesty thank you to PLuSH Paparazzi, as the website has pushed me to do research
about different era's of fashion, designers, models etc but has also urged me to discover
my own individual PLuSHness!

I always had a sense of what I liked, but I never took it
to the next level. By having visual cues from various PLuSH Paparazzi
posts, I've been inspired to be that much more adventurous and showy with my style.
I have an interest in vintage items and my favourite thing to do when I return home is go through my granny, mum and dad’s wardrobe for unique items they no longer make use of.

I have begun to form a new appreciation for style and aesthetics although I still do not follow
many designers, but I will always have an appreciation for individual
style and expression. At times I forget the power of feeling good not only on the
inside but outwardly expressing yourself through your clothing. So I, as well,
encourage everyone to stay PLuSH!

Contest Link

♫ Motown☆Moment ♫

"The Four Tops are an American vocal quartet, whose repertoire has included doo-wop, jazz, soul music, R&B, disco, adult contemporary, hard rock, and showtunes.


Founded in Detroit, Michigan as The Four Aims, lead singer Levi Stubbs, and groupmates Abdul "Duke" Fakir, Renaldo "Obie" Benson and Lawrence Payton remained together for over four decades, having gone from 1953 until 1997 without a single change in personnel."