Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Are You A Material Girl?

The iconic pink satin dress that Madonna wore in her 1985 "Material Girl" video is being put up for auction in London. Along side the dress, is the same costume jewellery and fake fur stole she wore. This history makin' look can be yours for only 100,000 pounds or $146,000...Wow!

Luminosus Magazine & PE Spring Event...Dont Miss Out!

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Includes complimentary hors d'oeuvres, champagne, live entertainment and a luxe gift for the first 150 guests to purchase a ticket.

For details contact events@lumlive.com/

[F.A.T.] Showcases Breeyn McCarney Winter09/10 Collection

Canadian designer Breeyn McCarney’s winter09/10 collection showcased last week as Toronto Alternative Arts & Fashion Week unveiled April 21-23. We were pleased to be invited to the Under the GUTTER themed shows, on Thursday, especially The Breeyn Show --a posh sort of 'gutter' circus spectacle -- right inside the Fermenting Cellar of Toronto's trendy Distillery District.

Model: Elsa Gebremichael
Hair and styling: Ashley Reagan
Make-up and styling: Alisha Schmitt
Model:Kristen Upmherville in paint dress
Model: Hilary Hood in stripe dress

To kick off to the Breeyn Show, Zirco Circus’s James Fisher and contortionist Andrew Johnson Barr joined in a theatrical presentation as the models marionette(ically) tip toed down the runway.

Breeyn's winter09 looks, via runway, included high fashion pieces mixed with ready to wear items...PLuSH & Lum immediately fell in luv with a navy blue pea coat and stripe dress. On the fancier side of things, PLuSH pieces included the show opener which was a baby pink dress fuzzed with, what seemed to be, soft terry cloth and crinoline materials worn with a top hat and walking stick.

After the show we briefly met with Breeyn McCarney and asked what had inspired her signature line...she summed it up in saying that the line is very much life in 'breeynland,' it has a fairy tales and fantasy feel to it. It's meant for little girls but is still a bit eerie, much like in Alice & Wonderland.
Designer Breeyn McCarney (below)
P.s. Britney's got nothing to do with it...Breeyn says: "I chose the theme for this show in June of last year, way before Britney’s stupid album came out. Boo."
"Breeyn McCarney studied visual art at York University but eventually realized her passion was related to garments and not canvas. Moving on to study textiles and tailoring in London England for three years, before returning home, Breeyn now divides her time between her two labels – Breeyn McCarney and AnotherWordForPink," http://www.breeyn.com/ & http://www.anotherwordforpink.com/

Well done Breeyn, Kudos!

~Jahmilla aka PLuSH Empress~

[FAT] Toronto Alternative Arts & Fashion Week 2009

[F.A.T.] Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week took place last week on the brink of Spring.

The theme for this years alternative fashion week was GUTTER, HOME, PLANET, and BEYOND!

Here are some photo's from the UND show PLuSH attended


F.A.T. Wall of Fame

Gutter Runway
UND Show...their GB's included a couple bottles of Multi Vitamins :)

UND Show Finale Walk

One Love T.O from PE front row...Jahmilla, Andrea, Joanna and Luminosus Magazine's Julene C behind the camera :)

Monday, April 27, 2009


What Has Architecture Done For You Lately? is an exhibit, book and global charrette series exploring the barriers to a popular culture dialogue on architecture: our associations. The exhibit, opening April 15, 2009 at the Design Exchange, explores the intersection of Architecture with economics, health, environment, society and equality.

Everything we do happens in a piece of architecture, but do we even know how to design anymore?

Architecture is related to almost everything we do, every part of society and every human interaction. WHADFYL creates the new vernacular around architecture as a social, global and as a universal issue. Exploring architecture through perceptions of success, equality, emotion, health and the environment, WHADFYL highlights the potential and the power of mobilizing global citizens as the architects of our legacy.

A few photos of the opening night...

Aisha Sheikh (2nd from left) is the truth!! Three words to describe her: creative, intelligent, and humble.

A quick bio stolen from OCAD Student press site...
AISHA SHEIKH graduated in 2007 from the OCAD with a Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design. Aisha has received several scholarships and awards. The most recent include an Editorial Award and a Magazine Design Award from Applied Arts, and the Koskie Minsky Award of Excellence from RGD Ontario. Aisha has worked for top Toronto firms doing Environmental Graphic Design, and is presently working at Entro Communications. She has designed wayfinding, signage, and environments for hospitals, entertainment centres, educational institutions, and outdoor parks for clients in Toronto and around the globe. Believing strongly that design needs to have meaning and critical thought, Aisha is constantly designing work that is interdisciplinary, sustainable, and socially relevant.