Thursday, October 29, 2009

Project PLuSHway ♥

Another Toronto Fashion Week has wound down and amongst all the fabulous fashion chaos my laptop just had to crash {Yikes}!! Hence, my panic when I fathomed that I may have to deal with the following beautiful array of pictures, being lost in a fragmented component of cyberspace. Thanks to my techie school mate Jackie, my hard drive has been rescued, unimpaired.

So now, without further interjection...
PLuSH Embassy was excited to be in attendance and would like to present you with exclusive Women and Girls of the World fashion show coverage. The event truly left a mark on our hearts!!
Combining fashion with humanitarian effort, Patricia Kaniki (photographed below) brought to us: Women and Girls of the World presents a night of Eco Fashion on behalf of the silenced women of Congo -- an ultra special presentation that raised audience awareness and helped bring peace (of mind and body) to females in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The show took place in the trendy, Downtown Toronto, Distillery District in a studio, where envisioning the following manifesto penetrated the minds of a select crowd:
"Imagine a world where there will be no abuse on children, girls and women."

Along with gathering for a few fashion shows, we listened to a statistical presentation along with watched a short documentary film on the unfortunate circumstances of young women in the area of Kinshasa Congo.
Show host wearing a lovely yellow silk hemp dress designed by Hempress.

Furthermore, guest speakers (above) Kelly Drennan (founder & president of Fashion Takes Action) and (below) Kerry MacMullin (owner of Green is Black Fashion for the Conscious) educated the audience beyond the lifestyle of apparel. In favor of sustainable fair trade clothing, a more ethical approach to fashion should be taken as Kelly explained, "clothing should be made ethically; so, where women are being exploited, we are promoting/gaining awareness."

{♥ the boots)

While viewing the following pictures/information PLuSH Embassy would like to remind you to keep the above issues in mind and try to do your best to reduce your carbon footprints. Most importantly we hope that you have been compelled to help out with these causes. To donate to the Gift of Hope Foundation or volunteer at Women and Girls of the World click here.


Cocktail Reception...
A PLuSH Salute {missed you Andrea}

Jenelle on the Runway ^

PLuSH Empress seated first row

First Show...

Second Show...

To view the complete collection please visit the Hempress Website

Third Show...
{♥ the drama + movement on the runway & parasols are pure PLuSHosity}

Fourth Show...

To view the complete collection please visit Emua Fashions

Closing Remarks...

Michael Xavier aka Delman (Del) Hodges from the Cast of the Best Years - with girlfriend ^

Jenelle and Avril ^
Jenelle with host Lisa ^
PLuSH Empress...excited for the future.