Friday, October 29, 2010

Vogue Nippon Going Hard this F/W2010

October Issue ~ Japanese Vogue

Never Enough
(PLuSH note: it's all about Excessory Overkill)

Model: Alessandra Ambrosio
Stylist: Anna Dello Russo
Photographer: Giampaolo Sgura

December Issue ~ Japanese Vogue

Glamour Supreme
(PLuSH Note: When dealing with supremes there are no extremes)

Model: Alessandra Ambrosio
Stylist: Anna Dello Russo
Photographer: Giampaolo Sgura

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5th Grade Fashion Designer Genius ☆ Cecilia Cassini

This ultra PLuSH tween fashion designer CC creates whimsical Kiddie Couture :D

Cecilia Comments on Being a Young Designer...

At only the ripe age of 10 Cecilia motivates herself to buy fabric and sew together brilliant designs
One of Cecilia's designs below ♥♥♥
Cecilia's personal PLuSH style...

Please Make Sure to Visit Cecilia Cassini's Uber PLuSH Website & Blog

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

PLuSH Exclusive...Designer Rachel Mara talks SS2011 Collection

PE: When PLuSH Embassy first viewed the Rachel Mara Stolen Collection at the LG Fashion Week runway unveiling, we acknowledged that the designs are befitting for ‘the dapper woman’ on vacation, out shopping (Rodeo Drive and Bloor streets), at the bureau, etcetera. Could you describe exactly what kind of woman wears Rachel Mara?

RM: I design for all the incredible women that are in my life. They range in age and lifestyle. But, the commonality is that they all want to look and feel sexy, sophisticated and special.

Stolen by RM S/S2011

PE: Why and how was designing the Rachel Mara Stolen collection important/special to you?

RM: Every collection takes on a life and personality of its own. This collection was inspired by film heroines from 60's and 70's classic films that were about jewel and bank heists. These women were intriguing, mysterious, risk takers that were always beautiful and stylish. It was inspiring to translate their lives and wardrobes into modern day.

Stolen by RM S/S2011

PE: PLuSH Embassy appreciated the way the Rachel Mara SS2011 collection combined flirtatious jewels and enchanting headpieces with sensual textiles and fresh detailing. What about the classic confident feel and look that we see 60’s film heroines, such as Faye Dunaway and Ali MacGraw, lounging in and that resonates in your show designs, do you find relevant for today’s fashionista?

RM: These women personify style and confidence, two characteristics that are timeless!

Stolen by RM S/S2011

PE: What are your fashion inspirations and/or who are your fashion influences?

RM: I love seeing people making an effort and taking risks, whether it's through clothing, art, music, film or lifestyle. It takes confidence and guts to do so and peaks my interest. It pushes me to put myself out there creatively.

Stolen by RM S/S2011

PE: Is there any special advice or instructions you would give to an aspiring designer?

RM: It's a difficult industry and many designers come and go very quickly. Unless you have unlimited resources and funding, I recommend working for other designers to learn as much as you can before launching your own line. The experience will be priceless.

PLuSH Embassy would like to extend a special thanks to designer Rachel Mara and Lotus Leaf for making this interview possible ~ All in the Name of Fashion!!

Rachel’s introduction into the world of fashion was through family ties. Her mother, Beverly Gorenstein, started a line of clothing that led to a clothing boutique that eventually became a Canadian chain of lifestyle boutiques called Moule - now the family business. After a few seasons Beverly convinced Rachel to take a sabbatical from her position as an art director at a prominent San Francisco advertising agency to take a stab at designing her own collection for the store. Rachel Mara launched in spring 2002 and won a Canadian designer’s award. Source.

Please Be Sure to Visit the Rachel Mara Website.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Rachel Mara S/S 2011 Collection -- STOLEN

Last Week for Toronto LG Fashion Week S/S 2011 Collections, PLuSH Embassy was in attendance to the Rachel Mara Stolen Show which featured many PLuSH pieces including the following PLuSH FAVs...

Stolen by Rachel Mara... Inspired by old bank heists and classic film heroines

Rachel Mara's Stolen Collection prices range from $115 for R.M's grey lounge pant to $398 for R.M's oyster wool cape button dress :)
Rachel Mara Collections are currently available in over 50 top boutiques including Saks Fifth Avenue and Holt Renfrew and has been featured in publications such as InStyle Magazine, GLOW, Fashion Magazine and many others!

To visit the Rachel Mara Website Click Here
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

PLuSH On Polyvore

Magazine PLuSH

Magazine PLuSH by PLuSH Empress featuring 1928 jewelry

Gazza tuxedo jacket
146 GBP -
Boyfriend blazer »

Milly Block-color wool skirt
$190 -
Wool skirt »

$325 -
Brass jewelry »

Pinecone Candle Large
$12 -

Circus PLuSH

Circus PLuSH by PLuSH Empress featuring a stripe tank

Sass & Bide The Art Beat cotton tank, $155
Caged Corset Top, $65
Ashish Sequined Mini Kiss miniskirt, 485 GBP
3.1 Phillip Lim / Quilted Leather Mini Shorts, $575
larinov platform boots, 540 GBP
Yves Saint Laurent 'Palais' Platform Pump, $720
Helena de Natalio Brandi Clutch, $132
Grape Suede, $495
Black Gingerbread Man Plastic Brooch, 12 GBP
Large Multicoloured Plastic Ice Cream Brooch, 14 GBP
YAZBUKEY Broche, 125 EUR
Yves Saint Laurent - US - Jewelry, $795
Chanel 5156 Cherry Red Honey Stripe > Chanel Sunglasses > 5156 11413B..., 176 GBP
Rock Star Crushed Shades in Accessories & Hats Basic Accessories New..., $15
Candyfuture Opaque Lipstick - No She Didn't, $16
Candyfuture Opaque Lipstick - Countessa Fluorescent, $16
Circus Initial Necklace, 20 GBP
12 Pieces Yellow Background+Black Leopard Design False Nails Tip..., $1.87
12 Pieces Cute White Background Leopard False Nails Tip KKcenterHk, $1.87

Vintage PLuSH

Vintage PLuSH by PLuSH Empress featuring ankle booties

love potion no.9 jumper
155 GBP -
Long sleeve tops »

fur vest
48,300 JPY -
Fur vest »

Leopard-Print Platform Bootie
$950 -
Platform boots »

Cubes of Gold
265 GBP -
Gold ring »

$50 -

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