Friday, November 27, 2009

Black & White Safari Twilight

Vogue Nippon
As Twilight Falls in the Safari {Loves It!}
Model: Aline Weber
Photographer: Mark Segal
Stylist: George Cortina

PLuSH's a Jungle by day, Safari by night!

High Maintenance Woman

Dang right, you have every right to be a High Maintenance Woman, Vogue Nippon says so!
Model: Anja Rubik
Photographer: Katja Rahlwes
Stylist: Sissy Vian

PLuSH Empress...says pose like your worth a trillion!

3 PLuSH Designer Fragrances

Looking for a succulent fragrance that will have you smelling sweet and have men barking up your tree like a police hound?

Try Fabulosity by Kimora Lee Simmons
{oriental floral-fruity}

Or try Burberry The Beat
{sparkling floral with notes of Ceylon tea, bergamot, iris, bluebell, cardamom, mandarin, pink pepper, vetiver, white musk and cedar}

Or Marc Jacobs Lola
{features pink peppercorn, pear d’anjou, ruby red grapefruit, fuchsia peony, rose, geranium, vanilla, tonka bean and creamy musk}

PLuSH Empress...Ladies, smell PLuSH, feel PLuSH!

More From Vogue Nippon

I just love the concept of the following editorial spread, Follow That Woman in Vogue Nippon. A man should follow a successful independent woman if he is fortunate to be her lifelong partner. Why, because women/sistas are doing it for themselves. We don't wait around anymore and he shouldn't wanna loose you.

Model: Edita Vilkeviciute
Photographer: Mikael Jansson
Styled: George Cortina

PLuSH Empress...lets her hair down often!

Anna Dello Russo and Wears Most Wanted!

I would have to say if someone asked me whose clothes I would most want to wear for a week my answer would be Vogue Nippon's fashion director Veteran, Anna Dello Russo. I mean check out her outfits! They are CRAZZZZY PLuSH!!!

Anna rocked it better ^
Loving the middle outfit!
PLuSH Empress...I see you Anna, workin the block!

Tribal PLuSH

The women of ancient tribes are often the most powerful nurturers and important spirtual healers. Source
This particular image {above} is of the tribal women from the Amazon River Basin in South America. "These women often bath and swim in order to cool off from the extreme heat of the tropical rainforest. In addition, the meticulous personal hygiene of tribal women and girls helps them maintain their health in a harsh environment. The use of gourds as water containers indicate that these indigenous women are still living traditionally and not contaminated by the influence of western goods and culture. Tribal women are not modest or ashamed of their bodies as many westerners routinely cover up. At one time, virtually all the tribal women of the entire Amazon River Basin wore no clothes." Source.

So now that we've provided you with some history of tribal women perhaps one can appreciate the following images from D Mode magazine's contemporary interpretation of tribal women. The use of crazy colour schemes is not only truly reminiscent of quality styling, but can sometimes be difficult to execute. The colourful tongues add a nice finishing touch. Kudos!

Photography: Herring & Herring
Stylist: Laurean Ossorio

PLuSH must pay homage to native tradition.