Monday, March 30, 2009

J'adore Polyvore

PLuSH Momma
PLuSH Momma - by PLuSH Empress on
She's one haute momma!! This Nicole Ritchie inspired look is colourful bohemian chic topped with an edgy electric blue fur & black nail polish. The candy coated platform pumps and over sized sunny accessories are a great hot momma addition to a black carriage. By the looks of things this is one importante mommie with a full schedule.
Talk is PLuSH
Talk is PLuSH - by PLuSH Empress on
This look is for the trendy PLuSHanator!!!!!
From shoulder pads and bold colours/prints to mini pooch named bella and dog leash/carrier. This incredibly stylish lady enjoys the good life (champagne & caviar) and always carries at least one statement piece, this time its the tote bag. She is guaranteed to turn heads and have the streets watching/talking!!!
The Lion, The Bewitched & The Flamingo
The Lion, The Bewitched & The Flamingo - by PLuSH Empress on
Which are you...? Leo meets flamingo are my fav 2 animals on earth so they really helped set off these looks, with the help of what I would like to call, 'bewitch' print tights.
On the Lion side of things, I went for bold jungle look, edgy/deep colours with furs, suede's and feathers with embellished pumps and earrings.
On the flamingo side of the style spectrum, I went for a more preppy chic look that includes cutout heels, plaid trench, pink & black woven bag and casquette hat.
Oh My!

PLuSHaholic - by PLuSH Empress on
Let's face like this outfit because you often shop compulsively. You tend to max out all 3 of your credit cards at once. There is no one more frivolous than you and this mix of items has trendy shopaholic written all over them. This look is for the stylish femme who likes to be cozy but chic at the same time. Black lipstick, funky pumps, print tote, speckled umbrella, structured cotton clothing oh and no plastic...paper bags only please!

For a complete where to buy list for the above items please click on the story link beneath the pictures

Jahmilla {PE}

Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones

Like fine wine...he gets better with age!!! Here are some of my favourite PLuSH editorial pics of the man I am destined to meet. Yes I am manifesting you into my world Nas!!!!

Nas in Complex Magazine:

Nas in the Source Magazine:

Nas on 106 & Park:

Nas on TRL:

Nas in King Mag:

Flawless - Smooth Carmel Complexion and beauty mark to DIE for!!!

Nas in YRB mag:

Kelis, thanks for man-sittin my hubby but I will request to have him back very soon lol ;)
NYC Central Park Boathouse August 2005:
Nas promo pics for Untitled album:

On some revolutionary plots...
Nas in XXL Magazine:
Jahmilla {PE} hearts Nas!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Polyvore is the Ish!!!

PLuSHanisto - by PLuSH Empress on
So here are 2 looks for the good looking urban gentlemen. The man who wears either ensemble is a confident on-the-go type who likes to be comfortable but suave. This man is the ultimate hustler ie he is well educated and works hard for his $$$

The Global PLuSHanista
The Global PLuSHanista - by PLuSH Empress on
This look is for the internationally chic woman. She must have matching luggage, fly camera, ipod in her pocket, specs on her face, agenda in hand and a global calling plan. Whew...thank gawd that check list is covered!!!

PLuSHmania - by PLuSH Empress on
These 2 looks are for the I dont give a *beep* kinda girl.This PLuShster is definitely in your face, she's in your ear, she's in the know but definitely keeps it moving!! This actress will never follow dress code and happens to be "the talk of the town" Just take the fur jacket and wear it with the outfit to the left, in the day time, and the one to the right in the evening, because your a Mover & Shaker Baby!!!

Time 4 Some Action
Time 4 Some Action - by PLuSH Empress on
This ensemble was meant to leave little to the imagination without revealling all secrets. It's colourful, playful and warm so before your night on the town with your admirer your going to want to make sure you have all the before and after preparations in place. Vase to place your single red rose (for u) a single city bombshell. Just spray on the gucci rush apply lipstick and go. And remember, a warm fire, candles and bed mask await you when you return.

For the where to buy list for the above items please click on the 'look title' below the pics

~PLuSH Empress~

PLuSH Approved Heels

Clockwise from top left to bottom left: Galliano, Gianfranco Ferre, Sigerson Morrison, Jean Pierre Braganza, Chloe x2 (front&back), Jimmy Choo, Givenchy, Isabel Marant, Guiseppe Zanotti

~PLuSH Empress~

Solange ~ Sol-angeL

I created the above collage of Solange because she is the contemporary musical TRUTH

"Forget her sister the outspoken Solange Knowles created one of the years best R&B albums"
Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams album promo pics

Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams album track #4 {for your listening pleasure}

Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams album pics

Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams album track #11 {for your listening pleasure}

Solange gets xoxo's from her son Daniel

Solange with Industry personality Lala Vasquez
Beyonce who??? Solange's style&grace definitely outshines 'sasha fierce' any day!!!
Ya'll know as well as the mainstream I like to provide you with the underground so here is Solange's hottest mixtape track {for your listening pleasure}

FOLLOW SOLANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Solange Rocks my Socks with this outfit lololol
Photoshoot...On Set:

PLuSH Empress

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Presidential PLuSH

Just a lil somethin somethin presidential...
Mr and Mrs President are tooooooooooooo PLuSH
{helicopter transport, red carpet entrances and designer duds}
Michelle your black velvet jumpsuit is off the chain! You got your man all excited!!!!