Thursday, December 30, 2010

Alejandro Ingelmo Hi§ & Her§ Footwear

Introducing Alejandro Ingelmo Male/Female Shoe Designer Extrodinaire!

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An Installation View of The Global Africa Project @ MAD

~Africa & It's Legacy ~

An Installation view of "The Global Africa Project" at The Museum of Arts & Design or MAD Museum Showcases African Aesthetic

PLuSH Embassy takes you on an installation view of "The Global Africa Project" at the Museum of Arts & Design...

"Africa is everywhere, so pervasive in our lives that we barely see it. Since it is in all likelihood the continent where human evolution began, it is literally in the bloodstream of everyone. DNA aside, huge portions of everyday life and cultural achievement are unthinkable without Africa!

What would Modern art be like? > If Matisse had never gone to Morocco or if he, Picasso and the German Expressionists had never set eyes on the sculptural innovations of sub-Saharan Africa? Very hard to say. And popular music? Around the world, it incorporates sounds and rhythms that originated in Africa! “The Global Africa Project” at the Museum of Arts & Design tries to survey this pervasiveness, in terms of contemporary visual endeavors of all kinds: jewelry, fashion, architecture, basketry, ceramics, painting, utilitarian design and more."


Wahala Temi’s "Afrikea" chair is made from Ikea stools...

"Quilts" (left) by Kairumbi Karimsahib and ^ (right) by Ramijabi Madarsahib

(above) "Black Coffee" by Jacques VanDerWatt and Danica Lepen

(above) Senegalese furniture designer Ousmane M'Baye's cabinet made from recycled metal oil drums

(above) painting by Mickalene Thomas

Textile Design by Duro Olowu

Roberta Smith: "The Global Africa Project presents 200 works by nearly 120 people, teams and collectives. It represents artists, designers, artisans, D.I.Y. improvisers and people engaged in various combinations of those already fuzzy job descriptions, toiling in ways that blur aesthetics, sociology and philosophy."

Esther Mahlangu’s hand-painted BMW 525i famed Art Car sporting bright colors and bold forms of the Ndebele houses

(above) painting by Kehinde Wiley from Annansi Chronicles

If you are a fan of African Art CLICK HERE to view over 50 African Artists' portfolios from around the Continent

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Ranjana Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Khan

"Growing up in Bombay India, Ranjana Khan's obsession with beautiful embellishments began at an early age. At 17 years old, Ranjana became a fashion model, traveling the world and expanding her creative vision in the process. For the last ten years, she has worked as a creative collaborator to many of the world's greatest couturiers and fashion designers—from Jean-Paul Gaultier to Alber Elbaz— providing concepts, techniques and inspiration to achieve intricately detailed pieces.

With her self-titled collection, Ranjana challenges the entire idea of what jewelry can and cannot be. She mixes disparate elements in striking combinations that often convey an emotion or tell a story. Ranjana approaches each season as a unique, creative journey that ultimately yields her inventive and eclectic creations. The resulting designs are both new and timeless, intended to be worn, cherished, and passed on for generations to come."


Ranjana Khan's jewelry/accessories are sold at Neiman Marcus, Saks & Bergdorf Goodman

Ranjana & hubby ^ designer Naeem Khan

Don't forget to visit the Ranjana Khan WEBSITE

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Art Scene: Sir Odili Donald Odita

Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a rendition of area rugs resembling the following masterpieces?!?!

Nigerian-born, Philly-based, artist Odili Donald Odita's work is currently on display at the Jack Shainman Gallery. You can bet PLuSH Empress is crossing her fingers that I get to New York City for the holidays in time to catch this exhibit before it's over on December 23rd.
Abstract Artifice

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Trunk FullA Treasure§

Keeping on a PLuSH note here are pics of some Majestic♔Jewels I thought I'd share!!

PLuSH viewers are Royalty

Ancient Scarab brooch ^

Ancient 14kt gold+mosaic ^ egyptian pottery necklace

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