Friday, November 21, 2008

The lovely lady lumps are out again in this years Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2008 (watch the show Dec 4,08)

Shhhhhhhhhhh...Can you keep a secret?

Models get their gladiator chic on!
Pictures ^ Ski Vaca nestling in a cabin by the fire ;)

Wowsers Victoria's secret even includes the avant garde ^

^BooooooooottttttSSSSSSS are BOD!

And then their were the Angels

Hmm^ this def has a certain Cruela DeVil Je ne se quoi to it!

^Loves the PLuSHosity of this piece

The secret also includes toga/Goddas inspired ^ lingerie

^Betsy, Bestsy, Betsy Johnson gon get mad!

The secret also included a little bit of Medieval Times^

^This misses is sooooo PLuSHin it with all that crinolin!

Whip around the rosie
Final Walk

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