Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reclaim by Andrea Golberg

Reclaim by Canadian designer Andrea Golberg

~ The Garments ~
"Each of Reclaim's 5 outfits has a specific arrangement of hand-crafted and painted beads that represent a certain quality. The goal in this is to enable the woman to convey a message to those that are aware of what Reclaim is, and understand the significance of her garment. What you wear is already an extension of your personality, but this allows a more literal meaning to be held. You can wear the clothing for the original meaning, interpret it in your own way, or just wear it because you like it and disregarding its meaning -I realize this is inevitable- but in the end, you'll still come away with the understanding that this collection has a purpose and I'm working to make that as easy for you as possible" Andrea Golberg.

Design/Styling: Andrea Golberg
Model: Tanisha ~ Next Models
Photography: Alice Xue
Hair/Makeup: Rhia Amio

Read More About Reclaim Here.

PE Approved!!!

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