Wednesday, January 19, 2011

PLuSH Textile Manufacturer► Vlisco

Brilliant textile company Vlisco's collections and campaigns always offer voluminous vibrancy and delightful drama with the right splash of colour, print and traditional African influence

Vlisco: Sparkling Grace~Shine like a Star campaign/collection...

Since 1846, Vlisco has been a designer and manufacturer of fashion fabrics that convey West and Central African culture. Its philosophy includes "a commitment to empower African women throughout both the design and entire company."

Vlisco: Gallery of Poems campaign/collection...

Vlisco provides a range of different fabrics and cloths include Holland, Wax, Super wax, Java, Sosso, Kente (from Ghana)

Vlisco: Tableau Vivant ~ The Art of Eccentric Impressions campaign/collection...

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