Saturday, July 30, 2011

For a Warrior Goddess Whose Birthday♌Ushers in a New Moon

PLuSH Embassy's Creative Executive Assistant CELEBRATES HER BIRTHDAY TODAY!!

Quarter of a Century & Many Moons Ago 1 of the Greatest Women + Friend's I've Been Blessed With Knowing Was Born, Just A Couple Weeks Before I Graced The Earth Through The Whisper of an "Amun" on My Lips. We've Been Friend's Ever Since.

Some May See Her As Her Petite Body but I Just See a HUGE HEART! A JOYFUL SPIRIT & A CANDID SOUL. Someone Who Is Unafraid Of {Self}Evaluation & Growing Up, Who Holds The Position of the Ankh With Care; In Tune With The Spirit of Life. What More Can I ask For In a Partna, Friend & Confidante?!?!

Miss Leo Jenelle, Va Va Voom Vassell, You Deserve All The Happiness, High Frequencies & Loving Energies This Realm Has To Offer. Remember What {NUT} Reassures Us: No Matter Where We Are When We Look Up It's One & The Same Sky. HBD Hunnay!!!

Love Jah, From the Heart.

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