Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hussein Chalayan ~ Fashion Design Pieces

Hussein Chalayan why can't I stop researching/blogging the designers collections?

Hussein has been THE British Designer of the year for 2 consequtive years in 1999 & 2000 and has now accomplished an exhibit at the Design Museum in London.

True to form, Chalayan's clothing creations are arguably 'architectural fashion design art pieces.'

For example, his showcased dresses, made from LED screens and over 15,000 LED lights, along with one that shines lasers, are reminiscent of futuristic silhouettes and truly makes Chalayan this Millennium's King of Fashion Avant Garde!
In his 2000 show, Chalayan’s models stepped into the middle of what appeared to be a coffee table and pulled it up over themselves to wear as garments. In his Before Minus Now collection, one of his dresses is programmed to change shape by a remote, as it is made of aircraft materials!

Chalayan’s work is extraordinary and fortunately for all Londoners his last 15 years of work will be exhibited in the Design Museum of London; but, only for a short period of time!!!

More of Hussein Chalayan's Designs:

PLuSH Empress is impressed!

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