Wednesday, May 27, 2009

PLuSH Paparazzi Hits Da Streets!

PLuSH Paparazzi... Just when you thought we weren't looking...paparazzi got ya!

PLuSH Empress and Jenelle

Argyle Culture ^^^
Someone's hard at work..... isn't she lovely?
We had to visit plushanista Monica @ work...gave her some Luminosus & PLuSH Embassy IBD event flyers!
Taking time for lunch.
The Empress is taking a well deserved break after being on her feet and lap top for a hot minute, smile!
Making sure the young ones have all the plush choices {quick intermision} princess dresses in the back :)
Mini :)

Rockstar, purple shades and lipstick stains = Pure PLuSHness!

Ooh so thirsty Rockstars Downtown T.O.!!!!

Respect the Iriiiiii man Kingsley or he'll attack.. lol

Signing off... JenNelly PLuSH

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