Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Andi G Belts-coming to a store near you.

Please excuse the lack of posting in the past several months, I've been busy creating my thesis collection and refining my product. ANDI G BELTS.

My handcrafted leather or suede belts with elastic detailing can be found at Shopgirls at 1342 Queen St West a well as Freedom Clothing Collective at 939 Bloor St.

Both stores are definitely worth checking out. They are collectives, which are in support of local designers. They sell everything from jewelery to handbags, dresses, daywear, furniture, clever hand crafted greeting cards and of they sell ANDI G BELTS. Freedom also sells some vintage and I was very tempted to buy but I quickly reminded myself that I need to make some money before I start spending it!

See below for the first few retailed ANDI G designs. Feel free to leave comments (Constructive criticism of course)

Bringing you local design.

Andrea G.

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