Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pressing Issues of Race in Paris Vogue

The last controversy to hit Paris vogue is in this Fall's Lara Stone Blackface/Whiteface Spread shot by STEVEN KLEIN and styled by CARINE ROITFELD with makeup by Stéphane Marais.
Fashion magazines are supposed to press boundaries and create insigtful/ controversial images to display inside...that's the real beauty of them. Fashion magazines are supposed to produce shots that are over the top and ultra creative in terms of perspective; otherwise, what would be the point of picking one up other than to indulge in a little vanity?

But, I wonder, what exactly can be said about this October's {2009} Paris Vogue spread featuring Lara Stone in blackface {even though she also appears in white face + half & half}??!!!
Are they trying to insinuate that Lara's features are perfect, no matter the color skin she has? I heard people ask why couldn't they have just casted Naomi Campbell or Alek Wek to do the shoot? Some believe that this shoot is racist, offensive and was done in very poor taste but others believed that it is just a mere use of creativity, a not so original striking concept with artistic purpose.

Nonetheless, regardless of what Vogue's real intent was with this editorial, I am glad their still pressing the social issue of race! Spreads such as this one allow us take time and think about/really analyze what is being shown to us in fashion magazines, other than women in scantily clad garments.

PLuSH Empress...don't just look @ it...analyze it!

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