Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chri§ette Michele in YRB Magazine

I Chrisette Michele's new CD Let Freedom Reign it's absolutely liberating!

"Freedom is believing that you deserve a significant placement in the grand scheme of the universe. Being number 1 in your individual race is your responsibility to your given cause. Listen for the signal, run the course and finish on top."
"The freedom to let go is as powerful as the freedom to love. Emptying the secret place we call our heart allows us new space for better and greater."

"I've looked in the mirror and said to that reflection, 'leave me alone would you?!' And it looked back at me and said 'I'm not your friend honey, I'm your life! As quiet as it's kept, I'm a brown-skinned Rock Star in my head. Nobody knows it but me."

PE Approved!

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