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PLuSH Profile►Tony Clomax Featured in XI MagOnline

It's always great to see family doing well in life and my uncle Tony out in NY is no exception.

So without further ado...

"The old adage, when one door closes another one opens has never been truer than in the case of writer, director and producer Tony Clomax.

Shortly after funding fell through on a film project, Clomax decided to keep himself busy by creating the web series entitled “
12-Steps to Recovery” about a newly-single man dealing with a difficult break-up. “I felt the need to do something to show investors I can be trusted with a million dollars to direct a film and felt a short was not enough,” said Clomax. But what started out as a small, online project has turned into a successful, funny and well-written show about relationships in New York City. “I wanted to write something that everyone could relate to,” said Clomax of his idea to write about dating. “I used a lot of my own experiences and those of my friends as a starting point,” and it ultimately paid off.

12-Steps to Recovery centers around Parrish Diaz (Kaleber Soze)- a recently-dumped man mourning the loss of his relationship- and his friends Blue (Stephen Hill) and Dani (Erika Myers), who try to snap Parrish out of his depression by setting him up on a dozen blind dates.

In his approach to creating online programming, Clomax made some rules for himself; the first being flexibility with the running time of the shows. “I didn’t create a time limit for episodes…as long as it’s worth watching, people will watch,” he states. Within each episode, Clomax also decided he’d “…introduce something and wrap something up…” and most importantly have at least two jokes per page. “If your audience watches for seven minutes and hasn’t laughed, then you’d better [have produced] a drama!”

Luckily for Clomax, the audience was laughing and loving every episode, and soon after the industry took note. After handing out promotional material for 12-Steps to Recovery at film festivals and following up with key people, the web series was picked up by the Black Broadcasting Network and can be seen On Demand wherever BBN is available. “I’m definitely thankful,” said Clomax. “By doing the web series I was invited to join the Writers Guild [of America]…it has allowed us to get on TV and it has definitely opened doors for other projects.”
Those new “opened doors” include collaborating with legendary funny-man Paul Mooney, who will be joining the 12-Steps cast as Parrish’s father. “Paul Mooney thinks my show is funny is exciting!” said Clomax. “I really look forward to working with him and directing him.” He has also been approached by others looking for tips on producing a successful web series. Together with producer Emelyn Stuart, Clomax is organizing a one-day seminar on web series’ from conception to production.

His number one piece of advice? “You have to pay to play. If you don’t invest in yourself why should anyone invest in you? If you’re not willing to spend some money to get quality production why should an investor do so? You have to do for self.” Clomax’s philosophy stems from seeing actors like Clint Eastwood and Sidney Poitier step behind the camera and take control of their careers. His admiration for Eastwood and Poitier and their work served as Clomax’s own inspiration to go to film school.

But Clomax doesn’t subscribe to the idea that everyone needs film school to be a filmmaker. He does, however, emphasize a need to learn the fundamentals whether it’s from a book or a seminar or a mentor, or the work won’t be the best quality.

“Especially people of color- we have to raise the bar,” adds Clomax, noting an outcry from the African-American community at yet another Oscar season with no nominations for Black actors, to which he replied, “but who deserved a nomination? There was nothing [Oscar-worthy] out [this year]!”

As for 12-Steps to Recovery, Clomax said, “I know how Season One is going to end. I know what’s going to happen with [Parrish’s] love life. The structure of the series has been created.”


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