Saturday, June 4, 2011

✂ Where PLuSH Meets CilQue ☑


CilQue {pronounced S•ILK} is THE newly launched brand that offers fashionable {100%} silk bedding -- a bedroom essential, offered in chic styles and contemporary colours. Created by a small group of passionate people in the arts and entertainment industry, and based in Toronto, CilQue's ultra lavish mission is to enhance your {PLuSHanista's & PLuSHanisto's everywhere} sleeping experience. Now that's seriously silky boudoir business.

~ Facts About Sleeping On Silk~
Silk is one of the strongest fibres in the world, meaning silk bedding WILL last longer than cotton bedding.

Silk is not an absorbing fabric, meaning it does not collect dust mites and other particles in the air - making it hypoallergenic.

• Silk is a naturally self adjusting fabric, meaning it is cool in the summer, warm in the winter **in the summer you will not wake up in a deep sweat from sleeping on silk**

• If your silk bedding is made from high quality silk then it can be easily machine washed.

• Silk pillowcases are great for extending your hairstyle and preventing sleep creases.

Cardinal rule in keeping up with the PLuSHness, invest in good bedding which will maximize your resting and rejuvenating experience. As well as, add glamour to the bedroom with silky lavish luxury.

CilQue uses the same select 100% mulberry silk for all of its products and works with designers both locally and overseas to offer premium and fashion-forward bedding. CilQue's silk comes from the Jiangsu Province, in China, one of its wealthiest provinces, known worldwide for its superior silk production. CilQue offers natural products, which are packaged in recyclable boxes made in Montreal, Quebec. CilQue enriches beauty and décor therefore the act of sleeping will never be the same again.

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