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PLuSH People Profile: Rachel Roy


Rachel's Personal life

Roy was born in North Carolina. Her Father is of Indian heritage and her Mother is Dutch. She attended Columbia Union College in Maryland. Rachel has been married twice. Her first husband was basketball player Yinka Dare. Her second marriage was to Damon Dash, they were married in 2005 and have two children together Ava (eldest) and Tallulah.

Rachel's first job in fashion was at a Contemporary Casuals clothing outlet in her hometown at age 14. After college, she came to New York City, where she worked as a stylist for magazines and music videos and became an intern at the urban fashion line Rocawear...

where Roy rose to become creative director of the women's and children's divisions and also met her second husband, CEO Damon Dash (above & below).

Arriving in New York City with not much more than her smarts, good looks, and ambition to guide her into the fashion world, Rachel Roy has made an impressive name for herself both as a legitmate designer and as the wife of hip-hop entrepreneur Damon Dash, from whom she is now getting a high-profile divorce. {Elle}

Rachel's Career

Though she’s understandably shy about discussing Dash other than to wish him good luck, the self-described “girl from the other side of Monterey” (California, that is) is eager to talk about her plans to expand her business and burnish her name on her own.

“I feel like I was sleepwalking through life,” Roy says of her rags-to-riches life with Dash. “My Oprah moment was seeing that my daughters will be me.” Which is to say, she suddenly realized that her two girls, ages one and nine, would grow up enjoying the kind of material possessions that Roy could only fantasize about in childhood. “I worry that my daughters are too taken care of. A person’s life is of their own making, and I take full responsibility for mine.”

In 2005 she launched her own eponymous fashion collection. In early 2006 Roy received a Bollywood industry award for her contribution to American fashion. Rachel has also seen publicity through the teen market, including at Teen Vogue magazine. In their April 2009 issue, Rachel does a “how-to” where she transforms a regular t-shirt into a punky prom dress.

RR Barbie Sketch ^

With the launch of her new moderately priced Rachel Rachel Roy collection, backed by Jones NY, Roy is about to deliver a sartorial dream come true for young women like the one she used to be, who want to “get ahead” in style.

Her line of separates, priced from $40 to $300, features playfully hip classics, such as graffiti trenches, oversize knits, animal prints, and jersey-draped rompers. “I always have one foot in the street,” Roy says, “so I know not everyone wants to dress like the women they see in music videos. I like self-respecting girls who want a taste level. I wanted to give them clothes they could feel on-trend with but also wear to a job interview.”

While fashion critics tend to lavish attention on the latest craze, that’s not how Roy functions. Her instincts have paid off, judging from the success of her more expensively priced Rachel Roy collection with numour stars who favour the designs such as Lucy Liu, Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson and Estelle to name a few. But Rachel's new Macy’s collection is something perfect, it breaks fresh ground in a bridge market that has been sorely lacking in chic, if not supercheap.

"I was thinking of a risk-taker who doesn’t want to show too much skin," Roy says. "But she’s the girl in the crowd from whom others get their style." {Elle}

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