Thursday, August 11, 2011

Everyone's Buzzing About Shaniece Lozada

Introducing Shaniece Lozada

Shaniece Lozada is reality TVs newest young adult star. With saucy fashion sense and a genuine heart, Shaniece has propelled to celebrity status thanks to her mother Evelyn Lozada

who is the fiancee of Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver, Chad Ochocinco, and the three appear as cast members on VH1's reality show, "Basketball Wives."

Evelyn currently lives in Miami Florida, where she owns Dolce, a boutique shoe store, and Shaniece just went off to college in Cali to study Fashion Merchandising as she would like to become a Buyer.

PE came across one of the first interviews with Shaniece:

As for being on the show Basketball Wives, it's only natural that we get introduced to Shaniece, Evelyn’s only child.

A production crew will be out west for the LA version of BW, so going forward to season 4 the audience is still hoping to see more Shaniece appearances...

Shaniece: "Um, yeah I think so. My mom was a little skeptical in the past - just a little over protective. But you’ll still see me in (Basketball Wives) Season 4. I’m hoping that she can get her own spin-off, but either way you’ll see me."

Seeing as how we get to see bits and pieces of Shaniece on the show, the viewers are starting to get to know her. Does Shaniece want people to know anything about her, other than she is shy?

Shaniece: "Um, I think I want people to know there's more to me than just a pretty face. I do good in school, I'm a genuine person and I'm a really hard worker. I think people pay attention to the drama so much & we're really not like that. There's more to see in the upcoming years."

Read Full Interview HERE.

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