Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MEI Media On The Mediterranean

My brother Kassa ^ in Rome

The other day my younger brother Kassa Skype'd me from Florence Italy to give me a little virtual tour as he continues to embark on a media trip throughout Europe. He is currently exploring land in Nice France and fortunately he has included his familia on his adventures every step of the way.

Here is a STELLAR piece from my brother's travel journal I thought I'd share:


Best Photo ~ Florence by Kassa Small

"So we had this assignment back in Florence where we had to go out and take photos for our media course. You had to take photos of two post card locations. I chose the Duomo and Ponte Vecchio. First location, called Off The Map, we were required to find a location that no one else knew about. And the other location was to make up your own theme. You had to take 5 photos and for each submit them with captions. Then the winner of Best Photo of the bunch (480 photos) wins a "sleep-in" card. We wake up at 7am every single day to go for an hour work out... so a sleep in card is like a gift from heaven. And the person who had the best package of 5 pictures also wins a sleep-in card. So today in Nice, they announced the best photo and I won! Woooohooo, totally did not think I would have won, especially since half the people were using SLRs. So now, I have a get out of work-out free card, beautiful thing it is! But anywho, here is my winning photo. I took it at Piazza Signoria..."

Click Play to watch Kassa explain his winning picture choice:

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