Thursday, August 4, 2011

Get A Load A Jen's Birthday Suit

From Va Va Voom to Aarrrrrrrrrrrrrriba!

PE Executive Assistant Checkin in With Ya!


This is a picture of me on my birthday last weekend.

And, here is what you can do to Dress-Up you're ensemble!! With a Mexican Sombrero, Rabbit Fur Ball Scarf, Snake Head Ankle Coil High Heel Sandals, Chain Link Messenger Bag and Fox Fur Tail Tassel instant spice was added to my life.

Hail up Mila aka PLuSH Empress my stylist for the day for always having my best interests at heart. Love ya girl.

To get MY look:

Add chain link messenger bag...

Fox fur tassel...

Snake head ankle coil sandals...

Rabbit fur ball scarf...

AND Voila!! Extreme PLuSHosity PE Approved!!!

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