Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Becoming a Cakeaholic! Masterpiece Cake Designers!

So I never realized how much thought+money people really choose to put into their birthday/party cakes. I did spend some time working at THE Cupcake Shoppe Uptown but the following treats are just plain WILD!! Maybe I will come up with something ultra fancy come August! I must now search for a cake designer.
Yes ish is that serious LoL!

Go to:
Above cake by Kimmy Shakes
Chanel cupcakes

Judy's Etiquette cake (above)

Go to:

Tiffany Blue cake

Above cakes are made in Vancouver Canada
Jessica Simpson celebrated her past birthday with a Betty Boop inspired cake
Nas & Kelis' wedding cake was 14 karat gold!
PLuSH Empress wants to know...what will your party cake look like?? Get your cake game right!

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