Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sasha Fierce!!!

I must say, Beyonce sometimes rubs me the wrong way but Sasha Fierce really does go hard and has the fashion game on lock in her Diva video directed by Melina Matsoukas. In the video, Sasha Fierce boogies down, in an empty warehouse, in a similar way she did in the Put a Ring on It Vid but this time the Fashion is uber Divalicious!!!
Original directors cut definition:
Diva (noun) "a female version of a hustla, a woman who is gettin' money and a lady who does NOT allow any other passengers on her plane."

Commercial Video definition:
Diva (noun) "a successful and glamorous female performer or personality especially a female singer who has achieved popularity."

When Beyonce was asked if "Diva" is a woman's equivalent to "A Milli". Knowles replied "It is, in a way. I mean it wasn't consciously." Wikipedia

PLuSH Pieces to look out for in the video:
Gold Mannequins...Sic!
Metal Glove...Sic!
The $$$ fan lol...Sic! {and I want 1}
Haute Couture Garments...designed by Gareth Pugh {Google Him}
Dangle Shades...their growing on me {although I know her eye musta got juk at least once}

Beyonce clearly has a love for sculptural-fashion design. By wearing cyber-punk Pugh pieces at the MTV Europe Music Awards; but, the designer love affair doesn't end there, it continues in her Diva music video with a display of numerous Gareth Pugh creations that most fashionistas would fight to get their hands on!
Beyonce is reportedly collaborating with one of the most acclaimed names in fashion, Thierry Mugler, for her upcoming tour. The collaboration will mark Thierry Mugler’s official return to fashion after a long hiatus.

Enjoy the video:

Here are some of Gareth Pugh's Elizabethan & Shakespearean Couture Pieces:
{Including the plush platform pumps that Ms B, herself, wore in the video}

Been the #1 Diva in the game for a minute! {PE}

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