Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Michelle Obama - Vogue March 2009

Michelle wearing a magenta dress by Jason Wu

America's leading lady Michelle Obama will grace the cover of next month's issue of Vogue. She is the second first lady to be photographed on the cover of Vogue. The first lady was interview by Andre Leon Talley (A.L.T.)and photographed by Annie Leibovitz. Andre commented that this interview was "one of the best experiences of my life", "...she's so accessible, natural and normal. There's nothing affected about her" the Vogue editor-at-large comments. Usually the cover models have their clothes chosen for them, Mrs. Obama chose her own outfits without any help.The magazine's editor, Anna Wintour, says, "It's inspiring to see our first lady so serene and secure in her personal style."

On her children...
"I'm going to try to take them to school every morning—as much as I can," she says of Natasha (a.k.a. Sasha), seven, and Malia, ten. "But there's also a measure of independence. And obviously there will be times I won't be able to drop them off at all. I like to be a presence in my kids' school. I want to know the teachers; I want to know the other parents."

Michelle looks back on Inaguaration Day...
"I was proud as a wife, amazed as a citizen," she recalls. "I felt a sense of relief, a sense of calm, that the country I lived in was the country I thought I lived in."

Narciso Rodriguez


Look out for the 8-page spread for next month's issue in-stores on February 24!

I found this quote by Oprah on Michelle Obama, I thought it really summed her up quite well..
"Michelle Obama is a full-blown, grown-up woman.An authentically empowered real woman who looks and feels like a modern woman in the twenty-first century, allowing us to see the best of ourselves in her. [She's] bringing a sense of connection and accessibility to that position that no nation has ever witnessed." -Oprah Winfrey

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