Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Design is an important component of our everyday lives. Product design, package design, brand and corporate identity, retail design, book and brochure design, interactive design (software, interactive information, interfaces), and design of buildings and environments represent the spheres of influence of design on our lives.

-Design Exchange

Okay, so fashion design is OBVIOUS. But what about the rest of the world? Design is a challenging concept to think of... from our laptops, to our lotion bottles, chairs, our "dream home",to the buildings we enter everyday. Why are certain cell phones, logos, cars, and even razors more enticing than others? Well, it's usually how its designed. It's a term many of us seldom appreciate. I'm more of a left brain thinker, so maybe I am speaking for myself. I could go continue on a tangent about my new found enlightment but I won't. But I will leave you with the thought, and revisit it very soon.

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