Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3 PLuSH Poly Looks

Above: The PLuSHtastic woman is the one who does NOT Come Plain at any event!!! She often takes the plain jane look and amps it up with accessorised embellishments -- like the grey dress and bell bottom jeans for example...these items were the starting point and funky fresh follows!
PLuSHuristic by PLuSH Empress featuring Gareth Pugh jackets
Above are 5 PLuSH Futuristic inspired ladies outfits. Lots of pattern, colour, dimension, sequins and symetrical pieces

3 trench coats...3 outfits! One elctrifying, one bossy and the other playful. Most importantly all are PLuSHed Up!!!

Sincerely Yours: PLuSH Empress

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