Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Afflicted Yard~Photography

My gurlfriend Natalie always puts me on to new fashion/lifestyle ent. I mean, before the other day I had never heard of The Afflicted Yard -- A non-registered member of the Jamaica Tourist Board {Love, Hate, Life and Death from a great Narco-state}

Don't know about the Afflicted Yard? Want to know more?
Who are they/What do they do?

"The things we will present here are-technically speaking-a microcosmic version of the media except we are the only members on the board of directors and don't really care about advertisers and the ‘responsibilities' associated with being a corporate media outlet.
Model Cindy Wright

Our perspectives are at once expressed culturally (Jamaican/ North American) as well as individually. At the very base , we are only interested in a good laugh. We mess with everyone and everything. We were those kids who laughed when the space shuttle blew up.We live for those special media moments. Sometimes we do things that some people will never find funny and occasionally we do things that many others might find somewhat amusing.
{Model: Shelly Ann Wright}
Either way, we really don't care what you think. We are Jamaicans living within and without cultural control. We were at once proud nationalists and harsh critics of our country of origin.
A country known for its extremes. A place packed with originality and creative energy that continues to flourish despite the current socio-political state that has removed the personal pride of many. An island filled with beauty unsurpassed and ugliness. This is the Afflicted Yard. A place of extremes where you will see life as we see it."
Peter Dean Rickards
The Afflicted Yard: Drunk in Miami
Models: Jessica & Lauren

Location in photographs below -- Jamaica
Model: Danielle Lowe

The Afflicted Yard: Somewhere Off the Coast
Model: Yendi

Model: Danielle Lowe
Making sure to broaden your horizons...
PLuSH Empress

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