Saturday, October 15, 2011

ANTM MJ Tribute + Balmain Ankh Shoulder Jacket


Celebrity Stylist Rushka Bergman In An Antagonizingly PLuSH Ankh Shoulder Embezzled Dress by Christophe Decarnin For Balmain...To DIE FOR!!!
I think back to the late Michael Jackson's Remember The Time video (where he was rumoured to be dancing with his driving force...a Goddess) about Ancient Egypt, and his rendition reminds me of how much Michael's performance was driven by dance, music and the royalty of our early spiritual era. It Gives Me Chills As I'm Now Piecing Together That MJ's Stylist Rushka Bergman helped Michael Carry the Ankh...silent yet sweet enchanting symbolism.
Transition Peacefully Micheal Jackson

ANTM ALL STAR CYCLE 17 MJ Tribute Photo shoot...

PE Approved!

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