Monday, October 17, 2011


"CORIAN ® loves MISSONI is an exhibition that creates a visionary residential interior - emotionally warm, enticing and visually inspiring - expressing the design versatility of solid surfaces through the style of Missoni
The interior environments of CORIAN ® loves MISSONI are at once rational and essential, yet rich in colour, taste and imagination, reflecting the extraordinary creativity and the skills in colour research and combination that have made the Missoni style so unique and distinctive since the 60's
Kitchen ^
Art directed by Rosita Missoni and supervised by her son Luca Missoni, the project CORIAN ® loves MISSONI is strongly characterised by Missoni Home patterns, unexpected colour combinations and iconic design pieces that reflect the company's strong tradition of textile and fashion design
Parlour ^
Rosita Missoni and her son Luca Missoni have created elegant chromatic association enhancing the expressive potential of the colours and have conceived a variety of decorative effects playing with different technologies for the surface treatment."
Lounge ^
Bath And Shower

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