Thursday, October 27, 2011

Moving On Strong

Face The Music
By Jahmilla S. ©

The intentions are evident: that the truth be left untold
Her intuition was patiently awaiting the lies to unfold
Her hearts exhausted by the thought of his touch
How could she have let him mistreat their relationship this much?
She recalls a memory of how it used to be
Once tempted by antipathy, she has done away with the grief
For a man who is just a scared child inside
Has had quite a pull on her psyche, finding a place to reside
She's declared that it is over, that it really is this time
Her relationship was torn apart by he who put her in a bind
Patiently waiting for the feelings to fade away
Makes it problematic on days when he crosses her mind
His sorry attempts can not break her new found silence
It's overwhelming to imagine going back to such mental violence
She is giving up feeling this way, she no longer cares
After all those times she needed him
He proved, time after time, he would never be there
She is the one who made him call it off, once and for all, because who were they fooling?
Enough was enough and now it's time to face the music..

For all the tears you made me cry,
I hope you cry a thousand times more.
For all the lies you ever told me,
For heavens sake, I hope you tell no more.
For all the stress you put me through,
I imagine one day you'll feel it too.
For all the nights I laid awake wanting you to be there,
Now you're forced to know and feel what it's like for me not to care.
For all the days I just wanted to give up but gave you chances to produce change,
I bet the days you now spend without me make you realize you've been lame.
For all the heartache you have ever caused,
I anticipate your heart hurts to.
For, after taking me for granted, you've come to realize I was the best thing that's happened to you.
For once and for all I hope what you've lost makes you truly understand
That you will never experience peace and joy with a good woman until you accept responsibility and become an honest man

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