Monday, October 17, 2011

LANVIN Children's Wear

LANVIN Children's Wear Fall/Winter2011 Collection

I sure hope these little girls (at least) have shorts on under their frocks because mini skirts/dresses for elementary school goers PE does not support!
Let me make myself clear, I adore every dress that is displayed in this article BUT Lanvin's creative director should have put ALL of these children in a cute pair of tights (legs crossed or not, the public DOES NOT need to see up these girls skirts!) for their ad campaign. PE does not support mini dresses for little girls?!?! The way the little girl to the left (above) is being presented is highly sexually suggestive and inappropriate! And, i'm hoping the little girl to the right has shorts and crinolin under that voluminous poofy dress otherwise, one word, TROUBLE!

Dress (above) still to short but at least the style of this one has a lot of ruffle distraction in the surrounding areas so its not as sexually suggestive.

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