Saturday, October 24, 2009

Spring Forward into Fashion 2010's a wrap, after Toronto's most fashionable week winds down and most Spring/Summer collections are unveiled.

Some of our favourite runway shows included:

Designer: Evan Biddell
{Trends: VOLUME, gladiator heels, statement jewellery}

Designer: Kimberley Newport-Mimran for Pink Tartan
{Trends: sequins, waist belts, stripes, Bermuda tights}

Designer: Xiao Wei for Rudsak
{Trends: colours: purple, grey/silver, red, navy blue}

Designer: Katrina Tuttle
{Trends: 3-dimensional Shapes, natural hair}

Designer: Joe Fresh
{Trends: short shorts, knee highs, loafers, clear lense specs}

Designer: Nada
{Trends: lace, teased hair, statement jewellery, ankle boots}

Designer: Andy The Anh
{Trends: empire waist, blue colour}

PLuSH Empress...Amongst Canada's fashion gladiators!

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