Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Michelle Obama First Lady of Style

Our presidential lady, Mrs Obama has secured her spot on the fashion icon (aka person of the moment) list. With several tribute books dedicated to her style and the likes of almost every designer competing to dress her; Michelle has opted for clothing that well suits her personality and charm ~ regal, sophisticated, serious, disciplined, comfortable, confident and sassy, all together.

For that reason, Mrs Obama rarely shy's away from bright colours and the use of bold pattern in her clothing choices. Additionally, almost every single one of her outfits has a specific charm + energy to it and seems to be tailored made to specifically suit her tall & slender figure. Michelle's shoe game can use some updating but one can understand the need for a simple kitten heel shoe with a hectic presidential schedule such as her own.

Such as myself, Mrs Obama loves to wear jackets and cardigans. Also, Michelle's clothing pieces are usually bright and command attention which is important for a first lady, always in the spotlight. You can pretty much bet that the most fancy but manageable garment, in a boutique, is the one Michelle Obama will most likely want to try on. Her ensembles distinctly look like they have jumped off Essence editorial pages and right onto her back.

Most importantly, our first lady dresses her age and hardly loses sight of her complextion and body proportions. She is ornamental in dress ie. not afraid to wear any colour of the rainbow, decorated fabrics and definitely won't dispute a print. Most of all, she is comfortable in her own skin and confident in the clothes she wears.

Michelle Obama has designers of all sorts of ethnic backgrounds that aren't so mainstream, familiar or expensive to communicate that in a time of recession we should/can all mix up high fashion with more affordable pieces. Mrs Obama is not so prim & proper or very casual; thereby, somewhere in between. Michelle is always groomed and preened as she is most always in fun dresses and skirts. Im glad to know that our first lady is aware of fashion in a time of rcession and is able to be the one to help dictate which designers we ought to pay more attention to. Kudos!
Michelle makes the style list in one of designer Rachel Roy's dresses above
Michelle looking casual fly doing some outdoor labour...
Mrs Obama, grinding to save our earth!

Michelle, motherhood.

Peace from #1

PLuSH Empress...First lady is as First Lady does.

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