Monday, October 12, 2009

The House of Vionnet-past and present

Madeleine Vionnet (June 12 1876-March 2 1975) was a French designer famous for her use of bias-cut( and ingenious experiments with cut and fabric engineered to emphasize the curves and gestures of the wearer. By the mid -1920s, fluidity and complexity had become synonymous of the 'Vionnet Style'.

Ingenuity is never without it's problems, however. The attractive novelty of Vionnet's work meant that she was fighting a constant battle against imitations. To combat this, a bi-annual photographic record of the completed collections was created and the incorporation of a code number and fingerprint could be found on every authentic product.

2007 saw the re-birth of the House of Vionnet. Sophia Kokosalaki and Marc Audibet both tried their hands at this French Couture House before it was purchased by Matteo Marzotto (formerly of Valentino) who appointed Rodolfo Palialunga as the label's new creative director. See below for images of House of Vionnet's 2010 Resort collection under direction of Palialunga.

Andrea G.

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