Friday, October 2, 2009

Scotiabank Nuit Blanche - This Saturday!

This Saturday, October 3rd is Toronto's ONLY annual overnight contemporary art festival, Nuit Blanche! Featuring over 400 artists' installations, at various locations around the city, the festivities are FREE and begin at 7 pm - 7am Sunday {Sunset - Sunrise}.

Being that I am a blood line renaissance woman (of Jamaican, Trinidadian, Canadian decent) I will definitely visit a couple of the installations in the city this Saturday. Particularly Zone A, is where my focus will be - supporting my Dad (Ras Stone's) Mas Hysteria (Where the Arts Come Alive in the Twilight Hour) project that he has completed along with a local art collective entitled The Six ah Wi (Ashley McKenzie-Barnes, Ato Seitu, Dayne Morgan, Tafewa Turner, Ras Stone).
"The Six ah Wi's art installation, MAS HYSTERIA, references "mas making" or masquerade. The exhibition presents a visual perspective on the evolution of masquerade (mas) in Trinidad & Tobago. Included in the installation are 35 life-sized wire sculptures, dancers in fluorescent costume, live music provided by a troupe of costumed steel-pan players and a photographic exhibition showcasing the process of creating masks, costumes and steel-pan music. The vibrant and energetic installation will be highlighted by the fact that the entire warehouse, where the installation is being held, will be painted completely black."
So come out & support! See you all there :)

Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Event Map...
From Dusk Till Dawn...

Zone A - Downtown North - 52 projects to explore.
Zone B - Downtown South - 42 projects to explore.
Zone C - Downtown South/West - 36 projects to explore.

PLuSH Empress...Im now convinced T.O. City Never Sleeps!

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