Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nicole Ritchie back with a Vengeance

I was about to say, I was beginning to miss getting my Nicole Ritchie fix since she and Paris completed the Simple Life and she's moved on to start a family life. Now that I see she is back with a vengeance on the fashion scene; but not so fast...
Rumour has it she may be preggy with baby #2. What do you think?
Above: Nicole takes her lil sister out wearing her own line of House of Harlowe jewels

~Nicole Ritchie GOES HARD in Black Book Magazine~
Bangs Straight Across...
I need those LV tights and Sequin jacket like NOW!!!! Transparent Raincoat is BOD!!!!!!!! Jewels fit for a Temptress Apocalyptic Ritchie

I'm hoping Nicole makes an extra effort to stay on the scene


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