Monday, March 30, 2009

J'adore Polyvore

PLuSH Momma
PLuSH Momma - by PLuSH Empress on
She's one haute momma!! This Nicole Ritchie inspired look is colourful bohemian chic topped with an edgy electric blue fur & black nail polish. The candy coated platform pumps and over sized sunny accessories are a great hot momma addition to a black carriage. By the looks of things this is one importante mommie with a full schedule.
Talk is PLuSH
Talk is PLuSH - by PLuSH Empress on
This look is for the trendy PLuSHanator!!!!!
From shoulder pads and bold colours/prints to mini pooch named bella and dog leash/carrier. This incredibly stylish lady enjoys the good life (champagne & caviar) and always carries at least one statement piece, this time its the tote bag. She is guaranteed to turn heads and have the streets watching/talking!!!
The Lion, The Bewitched & The Flamingo
The Lion, The Bewitched & The Flamingo - by PLuSH Empress on
Which are you...? Leo meets flamingo are my fav 2 animals on earth so they really helped set off these looks, with the help of what I would like to call, 'bewitch' print tights.
On the Lion side of things, I went for bold jungle look, edgy/deep colours with furs, suede's and feathers with embellished pumps and earrings.
On the flamingo side of the style spectrum, I went for a more preppy chic look that includes cutout heels, plaid trench, pink & black woven bag and casquette hat.
Oh My!

PLuSHaholic - by PLuSH Empress on
Let's face like this outfit because you often shop compulsively. You tend to max out all 3 of your credit cards at once. There is no one more frivolous than you and this mix of items has trendy shopaholic written all over them. This look is for the stylish femme who likes to be cozy but chic at the same time. Black lipstick, funky pumps, print tote, speckled umbrella, structured cotton clothing oh and no plastic...paper bags only please!

For a complete where to buy list for the above items please click on the story link beneath the pictures

Jahmilla {PE}

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