Sunday, March 29, 2009

Polyvore is the Ish!!!

PLuSHanisto - by PLuSH Empress on
So here are 2 looks for the good looking urban gentlemen. The man who wears either ensemble is a confident on-the-go type who likes to be comfortable but suave. This man is the ultimate hustler ie he is well educated and works hard for his $$$

The Global PLuSHanista
The Global PLuSHanista - by PLuSH Empress on
This look is for the internationally chic woman. She must have matching luggage, fly camera, ipod in her pocket, specs on her face, agenda in hand and a global calling plan. Whew...thank gawd that check list is covered!!!

PLuSHmania - by PLuSH Empress on
These 2 looks are for the I dont give a *beep* kinda girl.This PLuShster is definitely in your face, she's in your ear, she's in the know but definitely keeps it moving!! This actress will never follow dress code and happens to be "the talk of the town" Just take the fur jacket and wear it with the outfit to the left, in the day time, and the one to the right in the evening, because your a Mover & Shaker Baby!!!

Time 4 Some Action
Time 4 Some Action - by PLuSH Empress on
This ensemble was meant to leave little to the imagination without revealling all secrets. It's colourful, playful and warm so before your night on the town with your admirer your going to want to make sure you have all the before and after preparations in place. Vase to place your single red rose (for u) a single city bombshell. Just spray on the gucci rush apply lipstick and go. And remember, a warm fire, candles and bed mask await you when you return.

For the where to buy list for the above items please click on the 'look title' below the pics

~PLuSH Empress~

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