Monday, March 16, 2009

A Brazen Crowd

Brazen Hussyyyyyyy

Jahmilla and Monica of PLuSH Embassy ^

PLuSH Embassy peeped Tika Simone from MTV at the show^

Tika S, Jahmilla, Catriona Coco ~ show host, Monica and Iman^

Jah, Tyrone T-RexXx Edwards, Monica

Monica, Jaime, Jahmilla ;)

Monica, Jahmilla, Benji, Esther J Garnick Fashion Show Happy

PLuSH Empress with Kathleen Pedro Brazen Hussy designer

PLuSH Empress with Michele P Brazen Hussy designer^

Bianca LaBrown Styles, Monica & Jahmilla from PLuSH and Henrietta from Patent Mag

Monica and Melissa^

Jahmilla, Page from Smoke and Mirrors Corp, Monica, Joanna^

Joanna with Kathleen Pedro

Monica, Jahmilla, Joanna Prescod ~ designer, Jennifer

Smooches from Jahmilla...Monica, Iman

A bunch of Brazen Hussy's

Monica, Jahmilla, Wayne Warner, Joanna^

Shannae Ingleton from What Women Want, sporting Brazen Hussy

Jahmilla, Benji and Esther J Garnick PR^ seated in second row

Jahmilla with Jayshawn

Aryam, Iman, Joanna

Monica Kisses Brazen Goodbye

Brazen Wonder Woman...I came, I saw, I conquered

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