Monday, March 23, 2009

It's a T.O. Fashion {Week} Showdown

  • Toronto Fashion Week is sadly over and so is one of it's highly anticipated events!!!! Fashion Showdown went down last Thursday and was a HUGE success. Kudos to Yvonne for planning another spectacular party equip with good music, tasty drinks, a number of little fashion fancy booths and Le Malek debut fashion show.
    {shout outs to Yvonne, my plushanista in crime...sitting on the metal bar for the show was a darn good idea but I wouldn't have done so without you} xoxo
    Party Planner Yvonne Kai^ {middle} HAWT Stuff!

    Le Malek Cake & Cupcake designs by Pretty Sweet.

    Watch the Le Malek G'd out guns put to good use...fashionators were under arrest!!!!!
    PLuSH Embassy was fortunate enough to get an exclusive behind the scenes peak at the LeMalek Fashion Show production...
    Designers, Jennifer {middle} and Peghah {left} headcount their models and made sure their hair and makeup were up to par as the dressers hustle to complete each model's looks/outfits
    Le Malek's accessory table was full with goodies like disco ball pendant necklaces, studded finger gloves, embellished gold belts, platform pumps and oversize feathered floppy hats!!!
    A look at the clothing racks

    Nate Star helped dress the models
    Thanks Le Malek for the inside scoop!! Your ish is da BOMB!!!

    It's a Fashion Showdown...Yvonne Kai {left} with Le Malek Designers Jennifer Le & Peghah Maleknejad {middle}

    PLuSH Embassy {Jahmilla & Monica) with Le Malek

    DJ Lissa Monet {} kept the beats bumpin!!!

    Monica pose up with the drink of the night...Go to
    Choose your Fuze...Sipped on the strawberry melon fuzetini all night long!

    Bossy Girls {stylists} showcased some very trendy pieces from retail outlets such as Big It Up. Please visit:

    They stay jammin at the Josie Tecson booth

    Josie carries a lot of affordable statement jewellery pieces. Like what you see...visit her website:

    At the next booth...Mi Casa es su Casa @...Arm Candy Casa!!!!

    For more info please visit the Arm Candy Casa website:

    Jahmilla found her arm candy!!!!!!!

    Onto the next booth...

    PLuSH actress' ready for ACTION!!!!!

    "Unleash your inner balmshell"

    The cheerful balmshell beauties twin founders Fiona Lees {left} and Jennifer Lees {not in the picture} carry some of the most radiant colour lip gloss in some of the most creative and playful tubes that conveniently turn into key chains!!!!

    It's a balmshell partay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joanna Prescod and Jennifer^ from Lady of Mayhem VI:XI {L.O.M}

    Jahmilla and Monica with Aquila Guerra^ CEO of Church Dress

    Monica, Kathleen Pedro {Brazen Hussy} and Jahmilla^ take some time out to laugh it up

    Brazen Hussy has some wicked tee's for what you see? Visit:

    Relaxing at the Brazen Hussy Booth

    Henrietta from Patent Magazine {} with Jahmilla PE

    Below: Jahmilla with Adjoa pretty sweet cake maker

    To place a pretty sweet order please email Adjoa:

    Fashion Showdown Fab Five: Monica, Jahmilla, Yvonne, Bianca, Henrietta

    PLuSH Ladies with Georgette aka Miss Boss^

    Toronto Fashion Week has now come to an end yet again! If you gave your best Fashion Showdown all week long then you rep for your city but for those of you who had no idea...

    if you dont know now you know!!! Too bad it's tooo late! Fashion Showdown was for sure the best Fashion Week exclusive showcase afterparty to be at!!
    For more event footage watch this clip by Urban Feed...

    Special Thanks to Yvonne Kai... Hope you love your source for PLuSH Media!

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