Thursday, March 12, 2009

Goodmorning PLuSH Readers

So tonight, right before the kick off to Toronto Fashion Week, we will be attending the Good Girl Gone Brazen Fashion Show brought to you by Brazen Hussy @ the Circa nightclub downtown.

I am certainly in fashion mode and even though the weather in Toronto (it's frickin flurrying right now - I thought the ground hog saw his shadow!) is not so inspiring, I've been dreaming of those Spring/Summer09 garments in my closet and the Fall/Winter09 collections that will be coming down the runway next week.

I will keep you posted about the shows PLuSH will be attending and will make sure to share with you some of the PLuSH collections.

Here are some more looks/layouts I've created in the spirit of dreaming...

Urban Hipster
Urban Hipster - by PLuSH Empress on
The above look, I think, pretty much speaks for itself! The animal print...we like that! The boots are crazzzzzzzzzy!!! The Excessories, silver nailpolish, are most definitely must haves. This look is for the ultimate Urban, downtown, Hipster.

Art Gallery Eccentric
Art Gallery Eccentric - by PLuSH Empress on
Anyone who knows me knows I'm a fan of bold colours, prints, patterns and diamonds. So this time around, I decided to create a look that is Art Gallery-esque! This look is artsy and drips confidence. It is definitely a look for someone in the know!

From Lunch to Cocktail Party
From Lunch to Cocktail Party - by PLuSH Empress on
I'm sure we've all watched the countless Sex & the City episodes where the girls go to lunch, go home and go out again in the evening for cocktails. The look to the left is a PLuSH way to make that transformation from day time trend setter to night time socialista which is the look on the right.

3 Black Skirts & a Blazer
3 Black Skirts & a Blazer - by PLuSH Empress on
From left to right: the first look, consisting of champagne coloured tank, patent black platform pumps, Chanel clutch and chain link accessories makes for great evening wear, it could be worn to say a play or theatre performance.
Second look is def one for hanging out with the girlfriends! It's quirky and fun (watch can connect to clutch) and might be more of a single ladies look.
Third look is tres chic. With gold embellishments, pastel colours, snakeskin clutch and skin tight leather skirt this look is date ready!!!
The great thing about this series is that the blazer and earrings are extremely versatile and are meant to be worn with each one of the looks.

Funky Town
Funky Town - by PLuSH Empress on
I absolutely j'adroe fun & funky pieces which is my theme for this look. Notice the burgundy parasol, candy pumps, peach fur vest over the blue& brown zebra print bathing suit with a puffy crinoline skirt atop, compliments the electric bag, fringe earings and coral diamond ring that go with!

PLuSH Couture
PLuSH Couture - by PLuSH Empress on
My interpretation of a Haute Couture modern day Hepburn

Much Love {PE}

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