Monday, June 15, 2009

Church Dress~The Walking Catalogue~Fall09 Collection

Another PLuSH Paparazzi night out in T.O. ...We're out & about so of course we gotta take pics!

Congratulations Church Dress!

Aquila Q. Guerra ~ CEO Church Dress defines the Fall line as modest & fashionable featuring icons, devotions and trends.
The Church Dress Walking Catalogue Presented @ Dazzling

Here are some very PLuSH men & women Fall ensembles straight off the CD Runway...

Finale Walk...
Church Dress Fall 09 Collection

Let's See who PLuSH Knows...

Lovely Ladies at the door: La-Dana and Brankica

Nobody ever snaps the photographers so PLuSH Paparazzi did ;)

Had the pleasure of speaking to Samara, Camellia and Sathya

Candace and Jahmilla

Chantal and Tika Simone :)

Jahmilla and Joanna
Aquila, Jahmilla and Joana HAVING A BLAST!!!!

PLuSH Empress says thank you & goodnight Toronto

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