Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hold On Michael!!!!

Who should we trust, who to believe!

I do not want to speak on this for too long as it may manifest other outcomes but news today reports that Michael Jackson has suffered a heart attack and may now be in a Coma.

FYI, as I'm writing this, there is a growing crowd outside the UCLA Medical Centre in Los Angeles hoping and praying it isn't so.

And to CP24 + all other news are they gonna reflect on a man's life without even receiving legitimate confirmation that he is no longer with us??

Urrrrrrrg! These vultures...the F-ing propaganda! Already put the man in past tense.
As far as i'm concerned the Media killed Michael!

I'm praying hard for our KING OF POP! Come on Michael I know you've suffered a lot but remember the times!!!!!!!!!

PLuSH Empress is living life on the edge listening to MJ

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