Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Introducing Young PLuSH Artiste ~ Kassa Small-Dabreo

So I received the following email from my teenage brother yesterday and I am tremendously proud of what he can do when he puts his positive mind power into school projects!!!!

What a kid genius!!!
*we'll get back to you with prices later...that is if the Art goes up for sale*

"Hello Family,

Here are two paintings I did at the end of this school year for my Art Class Summative Project. They are both oil paintings, one of them is done but the other isn't because the first one took like almost 2 months lol.
Even though my second painting wasn't finished I still got like perfect on it:)
They are both of Bob Marley...enjoy!"
Created by Kassa Small Dabreo ~ All Rights Reserve C. '09
Piece #1: Finished Oil Painting...Submitted to be evaluated in grade 12 Art class.

Piece #2: Work in Progress

Paintings by Kassa Small-Dabreo (photographed below) 2009
Mood Music...

PLuSH Empress loves that her little bro has turned his swagg on! Love you long time!

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