Sunday, June 28, 2009

Introducing Young PLuSH Artiste ~ Omar Malden

{My Internet was down yesterday, as a result I have here an important belated post}

Happy Sweet 16 Lil Bro ~~ You are growing up far to quickly!! I Love You!!

Earlier this month I showcased my other little bro Kassa's art work; well, art runs in the family and my other lil handsom brother Omar aka "Omarion" Malden is an incredible artist!!!

Check out his new shoe "Avenger" design below, along with some other illustrations I hi-jacked from his FB lol.

Created by Omar Malden All Rights Reserve C. '09
The Avengers...

(Above photograph -- Omarion 09)

PLuSH Empress...says peace, love & hairgrease lol keep up the stellar work fam!

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