Saturday, June 6, 2009

Luminosus Magazine & PE Presents In Between Dreams

And now the moment/photo's you've all been waiting for:

Luminosus Magazine:
Published semi-annually, LUMINOSUS is posed to become the leading magazine for young Canadians’ who are leaders in both thought and dress. Our publication appeals to both male and female readers between the ages of 18 to 25. According to Statistics Canada (2008) this cohort represents 64% of campus populations across Canada; therefore, it is our goal to provide fresh and relevant content ranging from fashion and music to health and career. In addition LumLive, our multimedia arm, will feature behind-the-scenes footage, event coverage, and celebrity interviews.


PLuSH Embassy:
PE is a full-service fashion and lifestyle creative agency. PLuSH Embassy specializes in art direction, fashion styling and editing, photo shoot production, product placement and event planning services. Our clientele is business professionals and young entrepreneurs. PLuSH Embassy - helping individuals and businesses achieve style, grace, luxury and excellence ie. Ultimate PLuSHosity!

PLuSH Paparazzi, our Facebook unit, has over 1500 global fans and some very trendy followers of the PLuSH Embassy Blog.
Presents In Between Dreams...
THE Semi-Formal Spring Event for Toronto's most fashionable and influential young adults! Held at Cheval, in the Downtown Toronto area, our guests enjoyed an unforgetable red carpet reception which included complimentary hors d’oeuvres, champagne, live entertainment, open dance floor, luxe gifts and the opportunity to network with some truly plush entrepreneurs and young professionals.

On behalf of PLuSH Embassy THANK YOU to our Event Sponsors, Guests, Staff and all other Luminosus Magazine Supporters!!!

Event Photos by Selina Chan Flash Velvet Photography & AFM's Robert Okine.

IBD Food, Drink & Preparation:

IBD Red Carpet Enterances:

Anita IBD host (left) with friend Evengelina! ^

Joanna & Andrea hit the red carpet! ^

Hollywood Jade! ^

Winhara! ^

Misahel Morgan (cast of The Best Years), Jahmilla

Tika Simone! ^

Devo Brown! ^

Sato Chihiro, Toru Takeuchi & Shigeno Atsushi! ^ (PGIC students from Japan)

IBD Performer Leilani Dee! ^

Mr. Gibson, IBD Performer Shi Wisdom and Michael Akshun! ^

Amanda and Chamila! ^

Rita Donkor & Eden A! ^

Captain Sharazi and Luitenant Kelly! ^

Joel interviews IBD guests...
Joel talks to Winhara

Julene Chung Publisher & Editor in Chief @ Lum & Jahmilla CEO of PE on the mic

Jahmilla, Tika and Julene

Julene, Troy Monaco ( and Sophia

Tamina (So You Think You Can Dance Canada) and Julene! ^

Julene with band members of Winhara
Sophia, Julene and Winhara! ^

Julene, Misahel Morgan (Cast of The Best Years) and Jahmilla! ^

Tamina (SYTYCDC), Andrea PE and Julene! ^

From left-right: Jahmilla, Julene, Tia (, Joanna! ^
Julene with Moshe Lokshin and associates! ^

From left-right: Julene, Tika Simone (MTV), Devo Brown (Flow93.5), Misahel Morgan (Cast of TBY) and Jahmilla! ^

Sophia and Julene! ^
Julene, Shi Wisdom and Jahmilla! ^

Julene and Junior! ^

Tika, Devo Brown, Misahel Morgan and friend! ^

Special Thanks
to the IBD Host, Live Band and Performers!
Host Anita and Door Prize Winner! ^

Troy Patterson & Live Band...Kudos! ^

Shi Wisdom ^

Leilani Dee ^

Gifty Singh ^

More Luminosus & PE Supporters:

Aryam and PE's right hand Monica lookin ultra PLuSH! ^

Kehinde (co founder of & Taiwo Bah with Sharon

Shi's got her goodies!

Kisses from PLuSH Embassy!

Gift Bags, Door Prize & Event Sponsors:

Mytagalongs, Brooks Dry cleaners,, Urban Decay Cosmetics, Flash Velvet, AFM, Dr. Miracles, Hammam Spa, Psalms 91:1 Accessories, Umbra, Bazura Shop, Flow93., New Era, M&M meat shop, Lavish Events, Uniq Lifestyle, RSVP Group, dub, Club Monaco and Luv2Cook (the official caterers of Luminosus Magazine).

Other GB items:
Hot 97/BET Caribana Mixtape 2009, Fibre One bar, Planter pencils, Gifty Singh, Aaron Hastings Royal LePage Kingsbury Realty Brokerage, McMaster Alumni Association, (The Remix Project) Give Money, Make Change and PLuSH Embassy -Grape Jellies...from back in the day lol!

Hope You Enjoyed THE Spring Event...In Between Dreams!

PLuSH Empress...
is off for the Day!
See you @ the Walking Catalogue tonight...Dazzling Restaurant

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