Saturday, July 25, 2009

Amber Rose ~ Rocking That Thang

Besides Rihanna, model chick/socialite Amber Rose, is another one of those young ladies who can wear just about any type of clothing, properly!

Pour Example:

Above is one of the most chic belly tops I have seen in a while. It gets longer in the back and the cut-out sleeves are great!
Above Amber rocks her bf Kanye's LV sneakers to complete her female thuggy attire put together well with bermuda shorts.
Amber goes blue! From long hair to a shaved head, to a blue buzz cut! Keeping it summery.
Amber, by far, rocked one of the latest trends (Doc Martens) better than Solange or Ciara.

Amber in a Sexi snakeskin dress
Fashion Week ^
F the haters!
PE Approved!

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