Monday, July 20, 2009

Love Me Some Lim

One of my favourite designers as of right now is the young Philip Lim.
I know, I know his stuff isn't cutting-edge, innovative, crazy - like Issey Miyake BUT it has a wonderfully fresh, young (but not too young) feel to it. Lim mixes tailored with unstructured wonderfully. I really do think that he does unstructured quite well.... I mean yes these 10 foot tall Glamazon models would look great in everything (except with a burger) but when you look at his clothes you want to wear them. Like REALLY want to wear them.

Of course Lim has his pieces that don't always seem to fit the collection, or look horribly thrown together (ahem....the purple print dress that is the epitome of too...many...layers resort 2010). Still, I think he is one designer to keep a close eye on. He consistently comes out with interesting, exciting collections that are marketable and appealing to the masses. It isn't often that I've gotten really excited about clothing in today's market; but Lim's clothes make me BELIEVE in the marriage of designer clothing and wearability, in the streets of T-dot.

Well that's enough dissection for now...more to come....ENJOY!
Below, the pictures of models on the runway are from his Fall 2009 R2W collection and the white backdrop pics are from Resort 2010....kind of makes you want to take a vacay, no?

Andrea G

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