Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Caribana Festival 2009...Feel De Vibe!

Oh ya yoi!!!!!!!!!!

I love this time of year in Toronto {AUGUST}

Who's ready for Carnival this Saturday on the lakeshore????
I know I am and more so than me, is my friend and fellow senior Ryersonian, Naomi C Cowan (photographed below).
Along with studying Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University, Naomi's other accomplishments include Miss Teen Jamaica 04', hosting on camera in 2005 for Raggae Entertainment Television (RETV) in Kingston, JA and, NOW, she is producing/hosting Feel De Vibe for Scotiabank Caribana TV {featured on the official caribana website}
Naomi C Cowan ^ host of Feel De Vibe, Scotiabank Caribana TV.

To watch the latest episode click here.

I hope to see you there girlfriend, I need a host in action shot lol. Yeah that's right, lets have fun before next semester begins!!

PLuSH Empress...says after Caribana is my Born Day!!!

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